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Our Company

You want to work with a trusted, professional homebuyer

“I’ve never worked with anyone who is as responsive and communicative as Greg.  On top of all of that, he is friendly and easy to talk to which is important”  - Kathleen E.

“From the first time we met Greg we knew that he would give us an honest and experienced viewpoint and help us with any questions.”   - John C.

"His kind demeanor and attention to every detail made the entire selling process, from beginning to end, stress-free."  - Mary P.

Who am I, and why does it matter for you?

I’ve lived in New Hampshire for over 30 years and raised my family here, and I’m actively involved in our community as a member of the board of directors at the Manchester Community Music School, and as a contributor to The Way Home and several other local non-profits.  I also serve on a local Zoning Board of Appeals.

I’ve been a licensed real estate agent and investor with Keller Williams Metropolitan for 8 years and established Cash For My House NH to more actively assist people for whom the traditional process of selling a home is not feasible.

We buy all over New Hampshire

I treat everyone with courtesy and respect.  If you’re in financial need, there’s no need to be embarrassed—I can empathize.  I remember once, when was 28 years old, I was deep in debt and didn’t have enough money for a plane flight to Texas for my grandmother’s funeral.  That was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had, and one of my goals in establishing Cash For My House NH was to use my real estate experience and expertise to help people who might be in similar financial straits.

"How are you different than all the other people offering to pay cash for my NH home?"

Fixer-upper house

You’ll see many “cash buyers” boasting that they are not real estate agents, but that just means they can only assess your situation with the eyes of an investor who wants to buy your house and make a profit by fixing it up.

Beautiful mansion

And many real estate agents don’t understand that not all houses look like they jumped off the pages of Architectural Digest.  They may not want to bother with those houses that don't look like they've been professionally cleaned and staged.

All sellers are different

And regardless of the property, no two sellers are the same.  Some can put the time and energy into getting their property ready for the market and can wait patiently while the process unfolds.  Others, like you perhaps, are more interested in turning that property into cash as fast as possible.  And some might be able to go either way but may not know which way is best, or may not be familiar with the tools of creative financing that can help navigate a middle ground.

"“When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

As a real estate agent AND renovation investor, I have many tools in my toolbox and can leverage the one that gets you what you want.

Want to sell your house fast for cash?

I can do that!

Want to list and get the best price?

I can do that!

Want to come up with a creative solution?

Let's talk!

Call today or submit the form.

Owner of Cash For My House NH

Meet The Team

Executive Assistant

Christine Benjamin is my Executive Assistant and Transaction Manager.  She keeps timelines on time, tasks on track, and makes sure all your needs are met.


Chris Hurd is a contractor extraordinaire.  His expertise in renovations and estimates is invaluable in moving fast and solving problems.


Becky O'Neil is my Girl Friday, ready to take on any issue that might come up to make your experience as smooth as possible.

We're Here To Help You

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