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How It Works

If I want to sell my property in NH quickly, what do I do?

Type your info into the form

Submit the form

Schedule a visit to the house

Schedule a visit

Handshake to accept offer

Receive your offer

Collect a check at closing

Close when you want

Some Things To Think About:

You may ask, “How can you know anything about my property just from the address I submit?”  There is actually a lot of information available online, from the tax assessor’s record of the house, to the GIS map showing lot lines, topography, wetlands, etc., to the deed and related documents like surveys and easements.  If the house was sold through a real estate agent in the past I can sometimes access the old listing in the MLS.  And of course these days there is Google Earth.  There’s quite a bit of information that can be gathered without ever stepping foot on the property.

When I visit I’ll be looking at the overall condition of the property, the layout, the lot, and the character of the neighborhood and location.  I’ll be assessing how much I think the house would sell for if it were in the best condition to attract a typical buyer, and calculating what it will cost (in terms of time and money) to get the property in that condition.

My offer will be based on those factors, and how much profit I would want to earn to make it worthwhile, not on how desperate situation might be.  My goal is to fix your problem, not take advantage of anyone.

I can close in as little as two weeks, sometimes faster, but your circumstances may require a little more time.  You may need time to find a new home, or remove any belongings you want to keep (but you don't have to move anything--I can purchase the house "as is" with all belongings left behind if that's your preference).  We can close according to your schedule, not mine.

Some Questions You May Have:


"What if I don't like your offer?

You don't have to accept it.  There is no pressure.  You can always solicit cash offers from other buyers.  But there may be other options that we can discuss, like seller financing; selling “subject-to” the existing mortgage; equity sharing, etc. (don’t worry if you don’t understand what those terms mean—I can explain each if necessary).  And because I am also a licensed real estate agent, I can list your property the traditional way if you decide that’s the best option for you.


"What happens if I accept your offer?"

I’ll write up the proper Purchase and Sale contract and engage the service of reputable title company to conduct the transaction.  They will do a title search and prepare all the closing documents.  Once that’s done we can close and you’ll have your funds, sometimes in as little as a week.


"Can I count my cash at the closing table?"

Actually, no, because no one who is buying your house for “cash” will actually hand you a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills--title companies will not conduct a closing with actual paper money.  But they will give you a cashier’s check (which is as good as cash) or wire the money directly to your bank account.  The term “cash” in this context is used to differentiate the process—which is quick and easy—from one involving a traditional lender and financed mortgage, which can have all sorts of hiccups that keep you from closing.


What other questions do you have?  Send them to me today!

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