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Need to Sell Your House In New Hampshire Fast?

Yes, you CAN sell your house with no effort, no stress, no waiting, and no fees.  Find out how, with no cost and with no commitment—send me your info to get started:

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I specialize in working with people who need or want to sell their house, condo, mobile home, land, or commercial property quickly and with no hassles:

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Trying to avoid foreclosure?

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Inherited a house you don't want?

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Done dealing with problem tenants?

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Lost your job and need to sell?

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Can't afford all the repairs the house needs?

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Divorcing and want to sell quickly?

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Owe too much in taxes?

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Relocating and want to sell fast?

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Don't want to wait for the traditional real estate process?

Regardless of why you want to sell your NH house fast, I'm ready to discuss your options and provide a solution.

YOU COULD list your house with a real estate agent the traditional way.  You might have to do repairs and clean up, you’ll have to adjust your schedule to allow for perhaps a dozen showings with buyers who may not even be interested, and you’ll have to wait 30-60 days to get your money, IF the buyer’s financing doesn’t fall through at the last minute.  And when it’s all done you’ll pay the agent’s commission.

YOU COULD go the “for sale by owner” route and save a little bit of commission, but now you’re doing all the work, and you’re still waiting a month or two to get paid IF it all works out.

YOU CAN make it easy and fast.  Sell directly to me and avoid all the hassles of listing the house.  You won’t have to do any cleaning or repairs; you won’t pay any fees, you can have an offer within days and you can close quickly (or whenever you want) and get your money fast.  No effort, no stress, no waiting, and no fees.

There may be other options we can explore.  Submit the form above and let's find out.

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Work With a Trusted Professional

My name is Greg Powers and I've been a real estate professional for over 10 years. I understand your situation may be difficult, and I pride myself on my compassion, courtesy, and integrity. My goal is to understand your circumstances and help you turn a burdensome property into the cash you need with a fair offer.

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Yes, It Really Is Easy To Sell Your House, Condo, Mobile Home, Land, or Commercial Property Fast For Cash!

Water-damaged house walls

Jeff and his family had moved out of their house.  Upon his father’s death he inherited a little money and had bought a larger house for his family, and he intended to keep this one as a rental.  Before he could work out those details a heating pipe burst upstairs, drenching half of the house.  He couldn’t afford to repair all the damage (insurance didn’t cover the water damage), and much of the house had been torn apart.  During the several months when he was trying to save up enough to pay for the repairs, squatters moved in and he had to have the police to get them out on several occasions.  The two mortgages were eating him alive so he called me, and two weeks later he had a check in hand and was free of those payments and problems.

Todd owned a two-family rental property that departing tenants had trashed.  It needed a lot of work and his full-time job didn’t allow him time to fix it up to rent again, and frankly he no longer had the energy to deal with tenants.  He submitted my online form and within three weeks he walked away with lots of cash and zero headaches.

Apartment damaged by tenants
House to sell

Sonia’s aging father down in South Carolina had a health emergency, and her mother was also frail and could not provide the help he needed.  Sonia’s job allowed her to work from anywhere, so she wanted to move closer to them as soon as possible.  I was able to close on her home in 8 days and she was on her way to where she was needed most.

Ready To Turn Your Unwanted New Hampshire Property Into Cash?

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